Seeing The Truth


Our emotional state affects how we perceive the world around us. We have the ability to feel how we want, therefore we can choose the way we see the world by controlling our emotions. The vision of our daily lives is like looking through a water bottle, no mater how we move the bottle it produces a different and distorted views. We never truly see fully or clearly what we are looking at, we my catch a glimpse of reality, but there will always be distortion. What is affecting our view and is controlling what we see is the ever present emotional state of our being, this state is driven by discipline or lack of disciplined of our thoughts. We have the ability to think, ponder, reason, and debate. We problem solve, internalize, visualize, and even dream, all with out much effort. How we discipline these process will impact how we feel and lead to our interpretation of our world. Seeing the truth is a challenge, but it is within our ability and reach. It just takes effort and discipline.

Dean N. Nixon, Seminar Facilitator/Life Coach

TurningLeaf Inc.

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"It's not about change, it's about growth."

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