Love Has No Boundaries


Love has no boundaries, but we need them. It has been said "love has no boundaries," this can be a problematic, even though love is infinite and forgiving, humans are not. When we have unhealthy or poor boundaries the opportunity to create Pain and hurt or be taken advantage of is great. Love is a powerful expression, it can bring peace to a unstable heart, it can provide hope to a solitary life, bind two lives into one. Love is often confused with similar emotions, emotions that can feel just as powerful as love yet be very destructive. Emotions such as desperation, fear of abandonment, rejection, dependency with an unhealthy partner, enabling, just to name a few. Most of these start out as love then through the years become warped due to a lack of boundaries. Later we begin to recognize these feelings as love and pass them on to other relationships. Through example and modeling, even though it is unintentional, we teach these emotions to our loved ones and children, giving them the same understanding and confusion. It is imperative that we learn how to have powerful boundaries and allow love to become as powerful as it can be, not masked by unhealthy emotions disguised as love. It is through boundaries that love is disciplined and appropriate, fulfilling its purpose, and bind truth to truth.

Dean N. Nixon, Seminar Facilitator/Life Coach

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"It's not about change, it's about growth."

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