Recovery and Discovery: What does it mean to Recover from Addiction?

In the alcohol and drug world, there is a distinction made between being abstinent from using alcohol and/or drugs and "working recovery". I had someone tell me yesterday that "not using is the easy part; it is learning to live life sober that is hard." There is so much truth in what was said. People can be abstinent and not be in recovery. What does it mean to recover from addiction? To some recovery may mean finding the "real" you again. There is a story about Michelangelo. He was preparing to do a sculpture. In front of him was the stone he would use. He carefully contemplated the stone and began to chisel. When his work was finished, he had created the Madonna and Child. Someone asked him, "How did you create such a beautiful statue?" Michelangelo answered, "I see the Madonna and Child in the stone and simply chiseled away that part of stone that did not belong". How many of us have looked back at something we did while using and thought, "That was not the "real" me? Perhaps the "real" you lies within the midst of your own piece of stone and you must chip away all those pieces that don't belong to uncover the "real" you. I suggest there is even more; perhaps this is a journey of discovery. We can discover parts of ourselves that we never knew existed to become "a new and improved me". As Twelve Step philosophy reminds us, we can use the tools of being honest, open and willing. If I am honest with myself and others I am seeing and acknowledging truth. Being open gives me "a willingness to experiment" with truth and new ways of being. Willingness is the key to positive action, to discover and the act accordingly. I can discover the power of meditation and living moment to moment and treasuring today. I can be grateful for each new day with its gifts and challenges. I can discover a relationship with my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God. I can discover that with my Higher Power, I am never alone in this journey. As Step 2 states, He can restore me to sanity or help me to discover and value myself and others and each new day. Perhaps, there are discoveries that you have made that you are willing to share?

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C. --

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