Plan To Be Surprised!

This weekend I watched the movie "Dan in Real Life" that came out a couple of years ago. At the end of the movie. Dan who is a "Dear Abby" type newspaper columnist states something like: Instead of asking your children about their life plans, perhaps it is better to tell them to Plan to be Surprised! I thought about the wisdom in that statement. I am learning to enjoy being surprised by life and to be more willing to be more flexible and "go with the flow." Often we can be black and white in our thoughts and actions.  Sometimes, it may help to ask myself the question, would I rather be right than be happy? This may also lead to wanting to control others, situations, events, etc. If I let go of the outcome, and be open to life's surprises, it may be even better than I could have imagined. Have you experienced this?

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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"If you want what you've never had, You must do what you've never done."

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