Keeping Ourselves Moving Forward


As we learn, grow and overcome, we feel a shift and change that is so powerful that we make note of it. Through it, we gain a strong resolve or marker of our growth. Later we feel as though we have lost the feeling or forgotten and regressed. We can never truly regress, if we are still acting on what we learned and are moving forward, the markers remain. So what has changed? Our perspective. For example, In the morning, when you put your shoes and socks on, and by midday you don't feel them anymore. This does not mean you have lost them, just that you have become accustomed to the feeling. As we keep ourselves moving on the path of discovery we will have epiphanies and feelings of euphoria, but these feelings will give way to knowing and may not carry the same initial emotions yet they are still powerful and relevant.

Dean N. Nixon, Seminar Facilitator/Life Coach

TurningLeaf Inc.

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"It's not about change, it's about growth."

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