Finding The State Of Rest


The body and mind must find a state of rest. We live in a fast paced time, full of meetings and schedules, deadlines and dates. We find ourselves running frustrated and fatigued. This fast pace doesn't allow us to integrate the day and the lessons we have learned. We put off the self nurturing we are in dire need of, finding ourselves speeding through life. Time is one of our constant allies, never leaving our side. It is the one thing we often misuse and is mismanaged. Time can give us the organization and structure to rest, meditate, nap, walk, sleep, or to just lay on our back looking at the clouds. This is when answers will find us and relieve us from the frustrations of the day and the not knowing. Find time to rest and recoup, make it a priority in self nurturing and enlightenment.

Dean N. Nixon, Seminar Facilitator/Life Coach
TurningLeaf Inc.
Office: 435-652-1202

"It's not about change, it's about growth."

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