Remember the story of "The Grinch" and how his heart was "several sizes too small?" I thought a lot about the size of my heart this Christmas season. As I pondered about this and the size of my heart, I questioned, has it grown in size in the last year? Am I any more loving, any more caring, any more compassionate and any more forgiving than I was last year at this time. Am I less judgmental of myself and others? Am I more accepting and comfortable in letting go and letting God guide my life? Am I acting more out of love than from fear? Also, I thought about other references to the heart? The Bible refers to one as being hard hearted and not allowing or listening to intuition or spirit. Is my heart larger and softer? Then, I recently read that "an unforgiving heart is a heavy heart". Is more heart lighter and am I more forgiving? How much larger, softer, and lighter is my heart? I would like to think there has been some change, however, I, then, look to the example of Him whose birth we celebrate during the Christmas season and see what love, caring, compassion and forgiving really are. Hopefully, we can all emulate and strive to be a little more like the Master Teacher this year.

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. --Reinhold Niebuhr

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Addiction Self-Assessment

To quote from a recently published book on addictions: "Substance abuse is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States. The misuse of drugs (alcohol) ruins families, costs billions in lost productivity, strains the health care system and ends lives."

Alcohol and drugs are mind altering. In a recent Time Magazine article on addiction said, "In the brains of addict, there is a reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex, where rational thought can override impulse behavior." Any kind of addiction inflicts a terrible price in pain and suffering, not only for the addicted person. It also affects other family members and loved ones.

However, there is hope because most addictions can over time be overcome. We can change, but it will be difficult. Below is a self-assessment, you may use.

Addiction Self-Assessment --

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