Lights In Our Life: Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

As I was thinking about gratitude this Thanksgiving, I was reminded how there are times when others really are there as support. My oldest daughter, Ami's birthday was the 22nd of this month and she has been the one with the desire to "hold the family together" with family times and traditions. However, this started when she was much younger. After her father and I divorced, I struggled. Carol Lynn Pearson wrote a short poem during her marital struggles which she quotes in her book "Embracing Coincidence Transforming Your Life through Synchronicity". And I quote: "I dim, I dim, I have no doubt, If someone blew, I would go out." During that time I was very "dim" for a period of time and she as the oldest felt the responsibility to make up for that somehow. Ms. Pearson further stated: "Two years later, when I found to my surprise that some life still coursed through my veins, I added a final three lines: 'I did not. I must be brighter than I thought". Thank you, Ami, for your support during that dim time. I know there were scars and I ask your forgiveness. Since it was her 40th birthday, I decided to start a new birthday tradition. I, as suggested in the book, thought it would be appropriate to honor Ami's light. I bought candles for all at her birthday dinner and we each took a moment to think about Ami's light and visualize into her life whatever light she needs for the coming year and also to thank her for her love and support. As each person took their turn their candle was lit. Hopefully, we all recognize those that are "lights" in our life and also recognize our own light and share it with others.

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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Gratitude: Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

On Thanksgiving, I had brunch with my daughter, Aly, and her family.  Her daughter, Abi, just turned nine years, put a paper by each person's plate with the title:  "What I am Thankful For."  Each of us, Eric, Aly's fantastic spouse, Aly, Abi, River, just turned six years, and I, all shared our gratitude lists.  They live out in Kayenta and it is so beautiful to look out at the red hills, the blue sky, and, yes, still green all around and to be thankful for the beauty of God's creations before my eyes.  I am grateful to live where it does not snow.  I can visit the snow beauty and fun and hurry back to the warmth of St. George.  I am also thankful for my cozy home. I have the greatest family, from my parents who are still living to my nine grandchildren who all light up my life.  I have three sisters and two brothers who have also, along with their children and grandchildren have added much to my life and continue to do so.  My own four children, Ami, Aly, Zack, and Jake are all amazing and so kind and loving.  I am also thankful for my extended TurningLeaf family.  They are all so gifted and willing to share.  I am thankful that I have always had amazing friends to add much to life's experiences.  Since high school, there are two powerful women friends that I still talk with on a regular basis.  Thank you for great friends here in St. George, who have been mentors and helped along my path more than I can ever explain.  I am grateful for work at TurningLeaf and the incredible people that have come into my life as teachers and enrich my life daily.  None of this would be possible without a loving God.  Yes, God, is good.  I have been journaling five things I am thankful for on a daily basis, however, it is fun to have a holiday to really focus on all we have and to be in that gratitude place for an extended period of time and hopefully to stay here. 

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for all the opportunities we've been given to serve.

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Emotional Turning Points

A turning point in my life was the day I started my journey of healing and self-awareness through the Emotional Growth Seminar at TurningLeaf Wellness Center. Having been through graduate school, I felt I was self-aware and had a "handle" on how I would like to move through my challenges. The safe environment combined with the healing process of the 3 day Level 1 Seminar progressed me towards my goals of self-understanding and self-acceptance quicker then I would have achieved on my own. Through the Seminar journey, I was able to create healing opportunities for myself, which in turn created a new found freedom from pain, past relationship issues, and insecurities that plagued me at that time in my life. The Emotional Growth Seminars at TurningLeaf Wellness Center have been an excellent investment in my personal and professional growth.

One of the best gifts we can give to ourselves is to progress towards our dreams. The next Level 1 is coming up in December! What a wonderful gift to give to yourself during the holidays!

Krista Bart, MSW, LCSW

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Congratulations to this amazing group!

This Balance - Adult Level 3 Seminar group has worked hard the last 3 days (Wingate Hotel in St. George, UT). Great work! --

Synchronicities Are Our Own Miracle

For my birthday, my daughter, Aly gave me the book "Embracing Coincidence" by Carol Lynn Pearson.  It about looking for synchronicity in your daily life.  What a great way to put a little magic into each day.  Did you know that the word synchronicity was brought into our vocabulary by psychologist, Carl Jung?  He developed the word to describe a meaningful coincidence.  Ms. Pearson then quotes definitions from other writers.  I personally like the idea by Frank Joseph in "Synchronicity and You", "Synchronicities are our own miracle and revelations that ground us in the Creator, and guide us in developing a reverence for and comprehension of the creation.  Synchronicity is religion without dogma, wherein all are free to draw their own conclusions from personal experience." What fun to look for our own miracles on a daily basis.  Do you keep a journal?  This, she states, is a good place to record these synchronicities of your life. She suggests telling the story of the meaningful coincidence and then the meaning it might have for you or how it makes you feel.  If there is an action that seems to be suggested then she writes it down and does it.  One of the meaningful coincidences in just reading the book was that she quoted and referenced some of my favorite poems and books:  ie, "The Guest House" by Rumi, and "If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again" by Diane Loomans from her book "Full Esteem Ahead" ( I also found this poem on a Celestial Seasonings Tea Box), and she quotes the book "A Course in Miracles" another of my favorites.  I am going to spend the next few blogs on the synchronicities I have noticed in my life and I would love to hear about yours.

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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11-16-10: What do you think?

I recently read the following and wanted to pass it on for your consideration.  A medical school professor once posed this bio-ethics question to a group of students:  "Here's a family history.  The father has syphilis.  The mother has TB.  They already have four children.  The first is blind.  The second has died.  The third is deaf.  The fourth has TB.  Now the mother is pregnant again.  The parents come to you for advice.  They are willing to abort their child if you decide they should.  What do you say."  After the students shared their various opinions, the professors placed them into groups to make final decisions.  After deliberating, every group reported that it would recommend an abortion to the parents.  "Congratulations," the professor told his class.  "You have just took the life of Beethoven."  The author then goes on to say that "like Beethoven, every person has potential to add music to the great symphony called life.  That includes the people you encounter in life.  And that includes you, too.  You - and everyone around you - have way more potential than you have history or heritage."

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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Doing Value Based Parenting Workshop today for Re-Creation Retreat Girls School at Kanab, UT. --

11-09-10: "Curve Balls" in Life

Recently I was talking with a friend about how come it seems life throws us "curve balls" just at the moment we think we are "in a good place" in life. Often we blame others, our higher power, or even ourselves when things do not go the way we had hoped. When things do not progress the way we had hoped, as human beings we often become frustrated or discouraged. Instead of becoming frustrated and discouraged, we can choose to see our life's "curve balls" as a strength; we can rise to the occasion. An inspiring quote by Helen Keller explains it perfectly: "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."

Krista Bart, MSW, LCSW

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Value Based Parenting: Mixed families and Co-Parenting

Co-Parenting is a challenge, but can be more difficult when the person you co-parent with doesn't live in the same home. Below are the topics covered. Audio download --

- Single Parenting
- Blended Families
- Polarized Parents
- Overcoming crisis and contention
- Growing out of crisis
- 3 Steps of communication

Value Based Parenting --

Value Based Parenting: What is the Value Based Parenting method?

The Value Based Parenting method gives parents knowledge and tools to instill and reinforce solid principles and morals that their children can carry into adulthood. This method isn't just about getting a child's behavior in control, but rather it's about but developing the child's conscience and integrity – their values. Value Based Parenting is a positive and affirming way to teach healthy boundaries with which the child can begin to govern themselves as they get older. Children raised with this method learn to feel satisfaction and achievement in accepting responsibility, making wise choices and contributing to the family structure. Value Based Parenting help preserve and strengthen the integrity of the family unit through consistency, communication and love.

Value Based Parenting --

What are TurningLeaf Seminars? They are a series 4 Seminars. Here are their descriptions.

Level 1

If you had the ability to remove from your life unnecessary emotional pain, How far would you be willing to go to do it? What would it do to your capacity to deal with necessary emotional pain? The level 1 seminar is designed to help you create the capacity to feel free from hurtful emotions and belief systems that have caused emotional discomfort. To help you rewrite the programming of your life that has caused you to disconnect or insulate yourself from emotional relationships. It also gives you the ability to implement healthy boundaries without hurting and cutting people out of your life. It would increase communication and deepen relationships, while giving you the ability to heal and nurture relationships that have been diminished. This seminar is recommended to anyone. If you are struggling in your marriage, relationships in your family, or you would like to feel better than you ever had. This is a safe and powerful way for you and your loved ones to attend a seminar that will help you reconnect and heal.

Level 2

Discernment Level 2 is the second of a series of four seminars. This seminar gives you the ability to see yourself differently by challenging your belief systems that have held you hostage. It will help you with the ability to be at peace within your own skin and find a place of serenity. It will help you make your heart and mind a safe place to be. Level 2 also gives you the ability to tune in to your discernment and to use it more effectively as a guide and a mentor. It increases your spirituality, whatever spirituality you may have. It'll give you a deeper connection to your higher power.

Level 3

Balance Level 3 is the third of a series of four seminars. This seminar helps you create balance in your life by removing fear. It is designed to give you the ability, in a very safe environment, to challenge the fears that you've been hanging on to for most of your life. Fear has affected your ability to create deep, meaningful, long-lasting relationships or to just simply feel comfortable with in your own environment.

Level 4

Empowerment Level 4 is the last of four seminars. You will use what you have learned by changing the beliefs to create instant relief and direction. Level 4 gives you the ability to recognize where the belief systems come from, change them by using the tools you have gained from the last three seminars, as well as new tools provided in Level 4 change. It prepares you to move forward on your own to create powerful relationships, reaching dreams, and becoming the person you have known you are.

Clifford K. Tapusoa, Seminar Director

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