How Do You Define Addiction?

One of the best definitions I have heard is: When in the face of adverse or negative consequences, I still continue the behavior, that is addiction. Have you experience any negative consequences? In the 1950's the AMA accepted the concept of alcoholism/now any drug addiction as a disease; a disease that affects the brain. The disease concept stresses that substance dependence is like any disease, ie., heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. It is 1. chronic, lasts a long time, 2. Progression, if untreated it gets worse, and incurable. Substance dependence is manifested in 3 ways. We experience increased tolerance, the ability to use more and more of the substance, exceeding "recommended doses." We experience periodic loss of control as we cannot predict when we can stop with one or two drinks or "just a little." And 3rd we experience negative consequences and despite problems directly related to using/drinking, we continue to use. What does this mean for you or someone you know?

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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