New Ways To Treat Addiction

As an addictions counselor, I am always looking for new ways to aid in treating this disease. I was recently introduced to a book by Charles Gant, M.D., PhD., entitled "END YOUR ADDICTION NOW". Some believe the principles found in this book are the future of 21st century addiction treatment. He advocates bionutritional intervention for detox from drugs rather than traditional detox drugs, ie., Librium for alcohol, Suboxone for heroin. He claims to have recovery rates of greater than 80% in his private practice. He has a tests which identify a client's neurotransmitter deficiency. Depending on the deficient neurotransmitter, ie., dopamine, serotonin, then IV therapy is administered for approximately 6 days and then oral supplements are taken. This is said to heal the brain faster and decrease urges and cravings. I am open for feedback. What do you think?

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

Clifford K. Tapusoa, Seminar Director

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