What makes marriages work? 7-29-10

I have been talking lately with clients about healthy relationships in recovery. There was some research done several years ago by Glasman. They contacted thousands of respondents to determine what made marriages work. They could find no consistencies for what "worked" for success, however, they found four predictors that tend to destroy relationships or marriages. No, they are not money, religion or some others that often come to mind and certainly these things can be problematic. However the four predictors cited were: 1. Criticism of my partner, 2. Contempt of my partner or their thoughts, feeling or actions, 3. Withdrawal and not willing to talk about problems, and 4. Denial of a problem. If one partner has a problem and the other partner is unwilling to see the problem or acknowledge it then it can drive a wedge into the relationship. How do you view this? I am open to feedback.

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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