Allowing Our Children to Struggle with their Consequences

I have often been intrigued by how opposition creates balance. So many times, we heard about this concept of reverse psychology, when dealing with a stubborn child. That is rebelling or being resistant. We may say the opposite of what we want to elicit the response that we want as a parent. We often have to go against what we think to be true. In order to gain what it is that we need the most from our children, often times letting go, and allowing our children to choose their path seems very frightening and out of control, but more times than not, simply by giving them control. They will choose the values that we have instilled within them, even though our minds may be screaming to hang on as tight as we can. Often times it's the letting go, which brings us the peace we seek in the relationship with our children. I am not referring to removing boundaries, rules or norms in the home, I am simply talking about allowing children to make their decisions and struggle with their consequences.

Dean N. Nixon - Seminar Facilitator / Life Coach

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