Is just doing enough to get by enough?

Louis L'Amour was a western writer who always talked about a part of the old West code of "Doing your part and a bit more". My dad also had a similar philosophy that whenever we would borrow a tool or a piece of equipment for the farm we were always required to send it back a little better than when we received it. This usually meant clean it up or tighten some bolts. I wonder if we today have this attitude or is it "do only enough to get by." Do we care if we give a full measure in what we do whether it is our job, our marriage or as a father or mother? To often just getting by is not enough. This attitude often leaves things or people ignored or unattended. When you "do your part and a bit more" it comes back in the form of increased love, better communication or just a better feeling overall.

Richard Moody, Ph.D.

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