How can daily inventory help you stay positive?


One technique used often in recovery work, is doing a daily inventory. Daily inventories are a way to acknowledge something positive I have done or said that day as well as to note something that did not work in my day and something I may like to do different or an amends I may want to make. One client, I was talking with recently could tell me all that he had done wrong, however, failed to be able to acknowledge positive efforts on his part. I asked him to begin with a daily inventory in which he could acknowledge something positive that he had accomplished that day and also something that did not work for him. One positive accomplishment for any recovering person to acknowledge at the end of each day is "another day sober." He seemed to experience that acknowledging positive events, thoughts or actions in his life, helped him to begin looking for more positives and acting more positive. The Law of Attraction, in action, as talked about in "The Secret" is a DVD that we watch in Substance Abuse Recovery group and we can change circumstances by our thoughts. Another quote from "100 Ways to Attract Angels" by Samara Anjelae: Start reading your Angel Horoscope (it never changes), You have the free will to make today and every day how you want it. The power to create lies within you. Your guardian angel and your league of special angels are waiting to assist."

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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