It is important for us as human beings to remove the value statement of “Wrong” from the adversity we experience throughout our lives. So many times as I have worked with clients, the fear of being wrong has played a significant role in their ability to take healthy risks, progress, let go and heal.  It is critical for us as human beings to change the way we see adversity. 
We have grown in our understanding to believe that adversity comes because of something we have done wrong or believe it is some form of cosmic punishment.  The reality is adversity is the potential energy that growth needs to occur.  Just as a germinating seed will grow within its husk, pushing itself to the point where it eventually bursts through; the strength and energy it now has after working through adversity creates the capacity to then penetrate through the soil under which it finds itself. 
Our adversities are no different in that they contain the same energy which will propel us forward. Our understanding and confidence building will increase to prepare us for the journeys that lie ahead.  To stifle or avoid it is to deny progression.  Avoidance comes through the fear of not wanting to be wrong or feel discomfort.  We find ways to avoid through addictions, blame, self-loathing and other forms that keep us numb.  The solution comes through embracing adversity and understanding that it is potential energy that promotes growth.  
Simply put, here are the steps to moving through adversity:
1. Change the way you see adversity. Adversity is potential energy that promotes growth.
2. Remove the fear of adversity by seeing the value in it.  Adversity is needed to progress.
3. Build a tolerance for the discomfort that adversity creates.  Let go of the fear of being wrong.

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach

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