The willingness to commit ourselves to a path that brings both knowledge and growth requires commitment.  It is our commitment that opens the doors and guides our feet as we set out on a journey to progress and heal.  It is through the commitment to the path that intention is born. 
The intention that we carry in our hearts will always guide our focus and give us the ability to see the subtle answers that we normally would miss day to day.  As we walk with a hunger in our hearts and an appetite for whatever it is we seek, our senses are more open to finding, consuming and internalizing the steps we need.  As we progress through our days, if we commit to ourselves to set healthy boundaries with those we love and do not let fears or insecurities interfere, we will be more alert to the subtleties. We will have the ability to discern how and when to set boundaries even when we find resistance in it. 
Commitment is what pushes through the barrier of resistance and allows us to refocus on the intention of keeping relationships healthy.  We do not allow discomfort sway us from the ultimate path we are on. 

Dean N Nixon
Seminars Director, Life Coach

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