What is Value Based Parenting?

How can Value Based Parenting help me teach my children to govern themselves?

The Value Based Parenting method gives parents knowledge and tools to instill and reinforce solid principles and morals that their children can carry into adulthood. This method isn't just about getting a child's behavior in control, but rather it's about but developing the child's conscience and integrity – their values. Value Based Parenting is a positive and affirming way to teach healthy boundaries with which the child can begin to govern themselves as they get older. Children raised with this method learn to feel satisfaction and achievement in accepting responsibility, making wise choices and contributing to the family structure. Value Based Parenting help preserve and strengthen the integrity of the family unit through consistency, communication and love.

The Value Based Parenting CDs covers 3 important areas in parenting.

CD 1 – Greatest Human Need

-Job of a Parent

-Parenting out of guilt and shame

-The greatest human need

-Ripple effect

-Parenting out of fear vs. love -Boundaries


CD 2 – Creating Rapport with children

-Creating rapport with children

-Your children's greatest need -Fear

-Value based and love

-Rules vs. Values

CD 3 – Mixed families and Co-Parenting

-Single Parenting

-Blended Families

-Polarized Parents

-Overcoming crisis and contention

-Growing out of crisis

-3 Steps of communication

Value Based Parenting -- http://bit.ly/wims8

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