Perfection or Progression, that is the question.

Recently I had a friend ask me if I thought I should be "perfect." I laughed at the question, figuring it was 'ridiculous.' Yet, the gnawing feeling in my stomach and at the corners of my brain were indicators that somewhere I did have the unhealthy belief that I needed to be "perfect" in some aspect of my life.

As humans we often work toward obtaining the "perfect" body, relationship, job, car, house, or "perfect …(fill in the blank)…" What if what we try on 'a new pair of glasses' and choose to see our life's journey as "progression" instead of "perfection?"

What if life is about creating the 'healthy lifestyle for me in my life at this time' or 'improving my relationships so I feel good in them right now?' Instead of the ever-illusive "perfect body" or "perfect relationship"?

Progression is a law of nature. We can observe this principle through identifying how time itself progresses with the seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall, or observing the circle of life through birth and death. We are creatures of progression. Our physical, mental, and emotional bodies progress throughout our lives. As we focus more on "progressing" our health and wellness in these areas, instead of "perfecting" them, we will find our motivation increases, our goals become obtainable, and we can see/feel our successes.

Krista Bart, MSW, LCSW

TurningLeaf Wellness Center --

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