10-20-10: The Little Things

Recently I was mountain biking with a friend. Although my friend was more advanced in fitness and biking ability, my friend ?waited? for me on the trail. It was a wonderful feeling for me, as it increased my feelings of safety. In that experience it seemed to me, my friend was less interested in appearing to be ?the best? mountain biker on the trail, and more interested in my safety and our friendship.

Each day we make choices that can improve our relationships or stagnate/destroy them. For me it is the little things that add up, either to help or to hurt my relationships. Being able to both ?give? and ?receive? the ?little things? in a relationship can promote growth and strengthen connections between people. Making a conscious effort about the ?small? things in a relationship can create a catalyst for reaping abundance and joy in our relationships.

Krista Bart, MSW, LCSW

TurningLeaf Wellness Center -- http://bit.ly/J61O3

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