Parenting is a Tough Sport

When I think of raising my kids I can't help but putting it in terms I can understand. First - Taking a snap shot as my first child was placed in my arms, I looked down at her beautiful new eyes and realized it was time to get in the game. Second - The binkie dilemma. Now, How do you get that thing out of there?! I was certain my son was going to ask his best man for the ring and then say, "Here, hold my binkie." Then, There's learning to work as a team. Sometimes I was the coach calling in the plays from the sidelines. Thinking, "Ya, this one will work," Just to find become a broken play, "Ok, now go to bed." "What do you need? Some water?" "What? You want to tell me something?" "GO TO BED!!" "What? You forgot to kiss Mom goodnight?" "AGAHH!!!! Punt! punt! punt!" Sometimes the quarterback is looking to move the team down field only to be blindsided by unexpected bills and broken air conditioners and sometimes the unemployment blitz. Always the equipment manager, fixing broken bikes and broken dreams. Some seasons I felt we ended as champions, others we finished so far back we deserved a first round draft pick. Fourth - The crazed fan or "fanatic" because everyone knows MY kids are the best. Like I said, Parenting is a tough sport. Dad always said, "Son life is hard, get a helmet."

Dean N. Nixon - Seminar Facilitator / Life Coach

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