What Young Men And Women Need Most Today


I was recently asked by the leader of a youth group what I thought young men and women needed the most in these days. My response was "Hope." Hope is vision, it gives us direction the ability to see beyond the trials and pain that overwhelms us. We need hope as humans and it can be a very effective tool in lifting the depressed and motivating the immobilized. It is common for young people to lose hope, in fact it is easy to do. Our world has become extremely fear based and blame when it comes to motivation, thinking we are helping to define or assign who did or didn't do something of worth. When in reality we are limiting the vision of our youth, who are looking for roles that will give them value without being wrong. Hope is dashed by the judgmental world we choose to live in, and desire to insert our views and opinions. When a parent criticizes a spouse or a child's friend, hope is lost, a role is defined and limits are placed. Hope is a gift and necessity for a healthy child to grow.

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"It's not about change, it's about growth."

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