The Liberating Energy Of Forgiveness


The way we see ourselves can be limited by our inability to forgive and/or receive forgiveness. Our world is made up by reference points and this is how we determine where we are and where we're going. These cues are everywhere and are helpful unless the points are affected by a lack of vision. Our vision is often blocked by hurt and anger. It causes us to miss healthy cues and fixate on our past as well as the fear of the future. The temptation is to react and claim our apology or avoid as to not have to feel the guilt. We shift to blame as a way to justify the fixation or to deflect the opinions of others, all of which causes us to focus on the offense and thus loose sight of truth. The liberating energy of forgiveness moves us from a state of victim to the freedom of accountability.

Dean N. Nixon, Owner/President
TurningLeaf Inc.
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"It's not about change, it's about growth."

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