TurningLeaf Seminar Testimonial

I'm amazed and grateful for the difference this seminar has made in my life. I can already see the rippling affect this difference in me has had on my friends and family, especially my kids. Our kids see more than what we present to them.  Somehow their spirits see through the facade and they begin to absorb and claim our baggage as their own, not even aware of what is happening. I've experienced this first hand in my own life. Even as adults we tend to claim other people's "junk" as our own. It is amazing the load one can shed by just letting go of everyone else's "junk".

I look at people in a whole new way. When you quit tearing yourself down, you also show others more compassion. I used to see some people through the eyes of resentment due to past betrayal, whereas now I am learning to see the pain behind the behavior.   Unfortunately, somewhere, along life's path, we all seem to acquire a measuring stick. A stick that we measure ourselves by and everyone else life brings across our daily path. We compare our wrongs with theirs, or our good deeds with theirs, or our kids to theirs, to see if we measure up. When in fact, we are all the same.  We all hurt, and that affects how we live our lives. When we can finally embrace our own humanity we bridge the gap between others and ourselves.

I now have more peace, and I give myself permission to be human, as I carry out my daily responsibilities. I can enjoy the "experience" of this wonderful thing we call "life". I believe God intended more for us than just coping. There truly is peace, and joy right here, right now, and I am getting a taste of it. I am growing, actually GROWING stronger everyday.  I went from surviving day to day, to LIVING again!

There will always be a reason not to attend a Turning Leaf Seminar. Time, money, kids, projects, vacations, housework, and jobs. There are always reasons; it is the way we live. But I can promise you this, when you make a HEALTHY YOU a priority, everything around you will improve.

So to anyone who has had this seminar opportunity presented to them, I encourage you to search your heart. Rather than make a decision based on circumstance, make it with your "guts". I believe deep inside ourselves we know what we need to do in all aspects of our lives. We just get confused by all the distractions, opinions, and fears around us.

I know this sounds crazy, and I don't even know your personal circumstance, but I can not express enough how amazing this has been for my life. I am very passionate about this seminar and I want to pass the opportunity on to as many people as I possibly can. So I encourage you to take the first step!!

- Jamie L.

Clifford K. Tapusoa, Seminar Director

TurningLeaf Wellness Center Office: 435-652-1202

Website: http://www.TurningLeafWellnessCenter.com

"If you want what you've never had, You must do what you've never done."

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