Letting go of self limiting beliefs

"We must all exceed our own expectations," was a statement made by Nelson Mandela in the movie "Invictus," a great movie about a great man. He was imprisoned for 20 years and then in a free election became the first black president of South Africa. He lived and talked forgiveness and united his country as both black and whites watched the Rugby team win the World Cup in 1995. I have been thinking about how I can exceed my expectations and let go of self limiting beliefs, thoughts and talk. Since we began TurningLeaf Wellness Center, it has been my goal to have an inpatient Wellness Center as well as outpatient. Since I returned from the Holistic Health Conference in Las Vegas, I have been even more excited as I see new ideas and concepts to help people in their work to recover and heal. I am letting go of expectations and believing that it can happen now.

Another statement was from Mandela was that "we all need inspiration" and he found inspiration in the poem Invictus, a powerful poem and thus the name of the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, it is now out on video and definitely inspiring and worth watching. The poem is quoted therein. I have found reading something inspiring every morning keeps me more positive throughout the day. Last week, I mentioned Max Lucado and his book, "You Are Special." He has written many other great children's books. He also has a day by day book entitled; "Grace for the Moment - Inspirations Thoughts for Each Day of the Year." Each day has an inspirational message that reminds me hopefully to let go of expectations and plan to be surprised by God. This is also one way I believe I can exceed my own expectations.

Sue Judd, M.S.S., L.S.A.C.

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