True balance is one of the hardest things for humans to acquire because of where we chose to put our focus.   We tend to become more focused on balance as what we want things to feel like rather than embracing what it is in the moment.  An evaluation of which we may be more focused on can be done by looking at which of the two kinds of emotional pain and discomfort is  present in our lives (necessary pain or unnecessary pain). Necessary emotional pain and discomfort is what generates growth and emotional coping skills.  Unnecessary emotional pain and discomfort is created by our fears and expectations and is where we allow ourselves to draw our personal value from.  We fear emotional discomfort because we often perceive it as a sign of weakness, that we are bad or that there is something “wrong” with us or the other who is causing it.  With this energy we assume we are out of balance.  The reality may simply be that this emotional discomfort is what we need to help us progress and grow to become balanced.   True balance is obtained when we learn to stop avoiding issues and problems that are necessary in our lives.  It is not achieved by eliminating all emotional discomfort.  Embracing our humanity and accepting our short comings, while doing our best to eliminate unnecessary emotional pain, will prove itself to bring true balance.   

Dean N Nixon
Seminar Director, Life Coach
TurningLeaf Wellness Center

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