What word would describe your Seminar experience?

If there was a word that would describe your Seminar experience for Levels 1 to 4, What would that word be for each seminar?


  1. My one word for each level...

    Level 1: Shattering
    Level 2: Introspective
    Level 3: Freedom
    Level 4: Empowerment

    With each level I gained a new piece to the Greg Puzzle, and now have tools at my disposal to address any situation that comes my way! Bring it on baby!

  2. Level 1 - Discernment
    Level 2 - Insight

    I realized that bounderies were something that I didn't have in my life. I still struggle with some of them, and actually just realized it isn't just my boundries, but respecting other peoples boundries. I AM A BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, IMPORTANT PERSON!